Saturday, October 7, 2017

Make Everyone a Someone

In this crazy world of ours, people don't tend to treat each other as much of anything but a commodity. The barista is there to GIVE ME COFFEE. My children are there to LOVE ME. My spouse is there to GIVE ME UNDYING SUPPORT. People at work are there to AID ME.

With this "gimmie, gimmie" mindset, it is easy to see how those around us will burn out easily from our company. All of our expectations of others compound in disappointment since we are all using one another.

What if we stopped seeing people as things or energy sources, and started seeing them for the vast, internal universes they truly are. Every person you see on the street, every driver you pass, they all have their own, distinct history. They have their own feelings, tastes, wants and desires. In this respect, we are all extremely different and yet very much the same. Though we are one in millions, we know at our core that we are someone, that there will never be another one of us again. What a shame to waste this potential of uniqueness and greatness in ourselves and everyone with whom we come into contact!

Treat everyone as though they were your someone. No one is disposable or dispensable. Every girl is your daughter, your sister, your mother, your dearest friend, every man is your husband, your brother, your grandfather. If only people truly saw each other as the beautiful beings or horrendous monsters we grow in each other. Everyone is someone dear, the universe belongs to you. How will you shape it?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Come Tired Feet

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Come tired feet,  
You must go on.
Your children are needing 
somebody strong
There's no time to think
You must not wait. 
Do not sit around 
and leave things to fate. 
You are a champion
Battered and scarred,
For life is a battlefield
Blackened and charred. 
Pleasure may call, 
but you must not go, 
For all of her treasures
Will bite like the snow.
This journey is meant 
to be taken alone, 
But some will be sent 
To light the way home. 
Come tired feet, 
You must go on. 
This is your test, 
Will you be strong? 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Learning How to Laugh

Because life is all about balance, this post needs to happen ;)

It's true, life contains tragedy. But life also contains laughter. There is both darkness and light. Sometimes you need to cry and have an existential crisis about the state of the world and the impoverished, depraved spirit of humanity. Sometimes you need to sit and watch America's Funniest Home videos, look at cute things on Pintrest and remember that life is not altogether as serious. Find the balance!

Here are a few things that are making me smile this fall...

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