Friday, December 24, 2010

Ode To BBC (and pumpkin pie)

Saturday night, watching PBS
Hoping to see BBC at its best.
I fall asleep in a pumpkin patch,
and run into a white wigged Mr. Cumberbatch

Saw Miss Marple walking down the lane,
and Captin Hastings on a window pane.
Poirot and his cane came putsing by,
and I saw Lizzy Bennet laughing, making mud pies

Saturday night, and I flip on the television,
hoping to see some British BBC presicion.
I go Sherlocking with a few of my friends,
with visions of Cranford people dancing in our heads.

Poirot trims his mustache,
and the 39 steps match,
Jane Austen writes amazing guys
I sit and eat pumpkin pie
Skander when he's little
Sherlock cannot play the fiddle
I find a cumberbatch
sitting in a pumpkin patch
eating eggs benedict
Cranford Christmas candles lit
All my favorite characters
from BBC wear parachutes
we all land in a pumpkin sky
Lets watch! Please pass the pumpkin pie

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sometimes I like bleaching pictures a lot and this is how this one turned out with some tweaking
I'm working on my surprise for Felicia right now... ahhh so much to do!!! But of course its all fun =P

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kinesthetic Thinking

I will post this as soon as I am done with my two papers for Mr. W's photography class...

Well, hello m'dears =) Yesterday, I was toying with the word "kinesthetic" (which I was spelling incorrectly as kenesthetic, though I like that spelling more). I knew this word from school because they are always talking about being kinesthetic learners, which I understood as hands on learning. I began to recall "kinetic" energy, which is physics, action or motion (the actual motary force to move), and wondered if the two words were related. Interestingly enough, they are. Kinesthetic is the "being aware" of causing motion and "kinetic" is motion. I had written a phrase that really came off the cuff and out of nowhere which was "kinesthetic and ghostly apparitions." I always find this part of things intersting, you might say I'm an amature philiologist (one who studies words). I often go after a sound in my writing where even if you don't know the meaning of the exact word, you get a feeling for the definition just by the setting and the sound. I was thinking of a thought, more of a vapor of a thought or vision, in a motion, the literall "spinning of the wheels" in your head, which is what the word translates to in that sentence. I find it so cool that the sound I went after actually matched with the meaning I was thinking! I know, I'm a word geek... =P Anywho, I wrote a poem to go along with this. Its a bit abstract, but since being kinesthetic is being aware of motion you are causing and the space and motion around you, I would say I think kinesthetically, and I want to keep learning this way, being aware of all the things, people, and windows God wants to show me. So here goes.

Kinethiesia :

One step at a time

Drawing invisible lines

We pass by and in our motion

We both get the notion we freeze

And our sense of space

Is completely erased

One more dimension

But we mention only the breeze

Trying to keep this all locked up inside

Will drive us both completely insane

This is bigger than the entire blue skyline

Of beauty love life and pain

Kinesthetic and ghostly

Apparitions of who we both want to be

We can forget this if we really try

But to forget is to give up and die

And I don't wanna break the peace

I wanna find out who I'm s'posed to be

So aware of our time in space

Relative to only us two

This is beyond the age of typical

And coming in to the difficult

But beautiful

And I'm willing to try

I'm a Kinesthetic learner

And I'll be aware of the Turner

Of our page

But you can't just stare and laugh at me

At that rate you'll never get to where your supposed to be

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tell me what you see

Can you tell me the mystery of love?
What accident is it made up of?
Can you tell me why our eyes sparkle like they do?
Can you explain to me why they cry too?
Its no accident that we have so many questions
See the love of our creator was to give us all decisions
And all that I have seen just through these human eyes
Tells me accidents are plainly just the lies
So take them back to where you got them
Return them back to Sodom
and restore the faith that once was yours
and weep with eyes that long to see more
Love your neighbor as yourself
when you look at them see farther then shells
Open up the door behind their eyes
and find out what is worthy inside
if you see a light burning through their eyes
and your heart's filled with love then pray for their sight
pray that they'll see
and pray that they'll find
what they are looking for
and find the Father of Lights

Just Really Writing

I wrote this for school, and my prof liked it, so I thought I'd post it. I finally came up with a fair example of "modern" writing vs. "classic" writing!

Journal: Week 10
Being a creative writer at heart, I enjoyed the first essay most. I love describing things, especially memories, as I’ve said before. I remember the transition phase from my middle school to high school writing. “At last,” I thought “I can actually say what I mean!” Finally, I could describe things in a way that made others feel what I felt and see what I saw without resorting to the “script writing” I see so much of these days in modern writing. People think they have to spell out everything for you, for example “he picked up the paper and rubbed his chin. Then he slowly walked over to the door and opened it thinking about what he had just read” vs. “He picked up the paper and thoughtfully read its contents before leaving the room, pondering what he had read.” It paints the same picture, or feeling at least, but doesn’t load down the imagination of the reader with trivial drivel. That’s the genius of writing! You can use just a few words to create a vivid scene that the reader, not the writer generates by imagination. I tend to be a little wordy (I’ve been pretty careful since my first essay not to write excessively) so I was proud of my last essay because I felt that I was more succinct and direct with my words. I enjoy argumentative writing as well, especially when I have a strong opinion about something. Really I enjoy writing about things I feel passionately about, whether it be something I like or detest. I always notice that if I don’t feel anything for a particular subject that I am forced to write about, my writing lags considerably. I have not yet mastered the “science” of a good paper. Frankly I’m not sure I want to, there’s something so cold and calculating about a “good” paper with no lifeblood in it. When I write, I feel as though I want to capture a star, burn it with a sunset and set it as a bangle around someone’s heart like a blazing brand forever printed on their mind. If no one will remember it, if it will not help, correct, uplift, shame, brighten, or endear someone or something, is it worth being written? The trick then is to make everything I write, no matter how trivial or quantified it might be, a brand that sticks in someone’s mind.

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