Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Media Review: The Collection

I just discovered this band this morning, listening to an online radio station this morning (KAPL)
I really love this sweet indie tune by the band "The Collection." It has a very riverous sound to it, 
makes your room feel outdoorsy. I even like the cover. It looks like a fairy tale...

Age range - Any 
Style - Indie, folk 
Content - Christian music that catches your ear and is fun to muse to. Tells the story of Jericho in a creative and personal way. 
Rating - 5/5

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Violet's Memoriam

Recently I have been toying with the idea of grieving a memory. Call me emo, but I can pass by a park I used to play at and become lost in thought, lost in the amazement that a moment is over and done and can never be returned to. So much lost time. I think I am beginning to understand the idea of "no time." No time lost. No long times in-between. No more wasting time. No more times gone by. Sounds better and better all the time! 

Feeding my ghosts, they grow large and fluorescent, burning my eyes with their horrible beauty. So bright, as though they had just flashed before my eyes! I reach out my hand, but it is only light beams of something that once breathed, and breathes no more. My preoccupation with the non-living has become an essential part of my being. I am becoming a hollowed out cave, and the oceans of my memory creep inside. It is cold and dark, but the salt smell is beautiful and lost in a haunting mist of thought, I lose myself to weeping over you. For awhile, this too was beautiful, but then I began to dislike the ache. I have been hungry too long without any substantial food. It is as though I am dying of thirst, but there is no hope of water. At first the thirst was almost beautiful, it was a deep longing. But searching, and having come up dry, I am hopelessly discouraged. I thought I had let it go again and again. I think I am afraid to say goodbye to these ghosts. They give me a little hope. Most of all, I think I am afraid to forget. Perhaps because I will lose a part of myself. Or maybe because I will forget what it is like to be a child. Possibly because I loved. 

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