Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Tumblr Girl

I'm sure we've all seen those really adorable tumblr pictures. You know, the ones where the lighting is just so, and the girl who is pictured in it is wearing some really cute outfit that makes you secretly (or not so secretly) squeal with delight. I think Heaven is going to be like perma-tumblr... Anyway, I got this scrumptious little white dress from my friend Katie, and even though I wasn't even really going anyway today, I couldn't resist wearing it =) It totally made me feel like a tumblr girl.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I Wanna Die Like Fall Leaves

- Checking off that innumerably list of should be posts  =/ I should have written this in the fall, but then it would be a completely different song! =)

I hear the trees whisper
Before they fall asleep
In the wind
I see the trees shiver
Before they lose their keep
To the wind.

They rust and dither
They quiver and turn to dust
And no one sees the river
That the leaves mysteriously touch

I wanna die like fall leaves
With colors bursting
I want to be well received
When I die
I want to fly like fall leaves
So gently sleeping
I want to be as radiant 
When I die

I hear the trees praying
Before they lose their hold
to the wind.
I see the trees playing
In colors of gold
Within the wind.

They rust and dither
They quiver and turn to dust
And no one sees the river
That the leaves mysteriously touch

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Best Way to Outline an Essay (Otherwise Known as an Essay on Essays)

PUT YOUR MAIN TOPIC HERE. Write a few sentences that hone in on your topic, just to keep you on track. They don’t have to be pretty, they don’t even have to make sense to anybody but you at this point, just write something down. Count out how many sentences you want to write about this point. I usually say five sentences to a paragraph. Then...

Make a transition to your next paragraph. Write a sentence or two about what this paragraph focuses on. Remember, your goal is to explore all the stuff you can about a particular topic, and you want to carry your reader to the end of the essay. Count out how many sentences you want so you know how long to camp out here. Will you spend one paragraph? Two? Four? If your paper is short, you might want to keep it to about one paragraph per topic, if your paper is a lot longer (oh, lets say... six to ten pages) you’ll want to drrrrrraaaaaagggggg it out as long as possible, three to four paragraphs on three or four bullet points. Remember, you don’t have to write REALLY LONG paragraphs, they can be as short as five sentences.

Once you’ve counted out your sentences for ALL your paragraphs, add any quotes that you’ll be needing into their respective paragraphs. For example... if I were writing a paper about how great the Pink Panther theme song was, I might need a quote from Mr. Expert to back me up. So I might say... Along with myself and many others, Mr. Expert agrees that “While band music can often be annoying, especially during overtime football games, the Pink Panther theme song seems to cheer the dullest of spirits” (and then I would have to have the correct citations in this little paragraph LIKE; Mr. Expert, 101).

After you’ve taken the trouble to add in all your quotes, you’ll have cooked up a nice little essay soup with lots of the right ingredients to start you off. Now, you add the “meat” to your stew, which is your marvelous writing around the quotes and meeting your sentence amount requirements. Once this is done, you can draw your readers into a conclusion.

At this point in the essay, you should have beaten your topic to death. Everyone should understand where you’re coming from and why you wrote the essay (unless you’re a professor or a professor wannabe, in which case your audience should be thoroughly confused). Now, you can give your audience a little breather. Don’t recap at this point, instead put the cap on. Enforce the MEANING of your essay and WHY ITS IMPORTANT. DO NOT retell all the information you just wrote about. Then you can pull out your polish, shine up the dull spots, and voila, you have an essay!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Geese Don't Stay for Winter

via google

Let praise not petition flow thence from my mouth
And the geese tell their children we'll migrate down South

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fewer Words

Some of the best bloggers out there use few words. I feel like an essayist, probably because I am one. But for now, I will try to use fewer words, and let them hang in the air, simple, but full of meaning.

When they looked at her, the page was too full of letters.
It should be bare,
almost blank at times,
But evermore have the power of words
Beaming off her face.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Above and Beyond

I am always amazed at how the LORD provides not just what I need, but above and beyond what I expect. I'm a pretty easily pleased person. A cup of tea with a friend, a soft breeze through familiar trees, the voices of my favorite people floating into my ears, or just a moment of repose amidst the chaos of this modern world. And yet, I am still so easily frustrated. I become anxious about tomorrow, even when today is beautiful. Instead of enjoying the breath in my lungs, I'm am worried about the few gulps of air I might miss in the future.

Exiting my high school phase and entering college has been a difficult transition. I feel uncertain about so many tings. Often times I feel like a failure because as hard as I work, I don't have a steady paying job, I don't know were my money is going to come from, and my future plans are brilliant but sketchy. I feel like I'm chasing after intangibles sometimes. I expect hardships, and I feel like I have to fend for myself. I feel like I have to gear up and fight, I have to be an adult and stand on my own two feet. This is true to an extent.

But oftentimes, I forget that I ave the LORD. He is ultimately were my next meal comes from. He dictates my steps, and he is my loving father who will give me what I need. I am so used to facing "the tough stuff" that I fall into thinking that God only deals in "tough love." I forget that he's into blessing too. I keep thinking that I'll land a really hard, boring job, and interact with cardboard souls. Instead, I just spent the evening working wit kids at our little baseball field "snack shack."

Its a great little place, and feels something like "Whits End," for any Adventures in Odyssey fans out there. I hand out candy to little kids, and get to work with high school students who are kind and dependable and fun. I'm pretty sure I always want to work with kids, there is so much life, creativity, and openness to the gospel, plus kids are much more real. The door to speaking the kids about God and important life lessons is wide open. And I get paid. I really couldn't have thought that up. Its a God thing. I don't know what the future holds, but God continually shows me that he's there in the hard times, and also as blessings in store that I couldn't even imagine.

Thank you Father, You truly are Amazing God

Friday, May 18, 2012

Photo Journal: March, April, May...

Just a study of colors and life in general. "In order of appearance..."

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Wedding Biography

She walked down the isle. Arm in arm with her father. Oh beautiful sighs, tears in some eyes. She floated on the dreamy state of cloud nine. There was a gleaming in this state. She walked with beauty, trailed in lace. Her bridegroom waited in his place. Me, I was weighted with sorrowful joy. She was walking away towards  it all. 

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