Saturday, November 17, 2012

Swing Dancing

I must have my shoes on backwards
or on the wrong feet. 
I most desperately am trying 
to keep on beat

And I can feel it quickly coming, 
Your dance is like a storm. 
And I just feel like I'm guessing
With none to warn. 

You whisper in my ear
"My love it isn't me
Its just that you're headstrong 
And hard to lead." 

And you say it smiling 
With warmth inside your eyes
I am blushing, sighing, trying
To escape, but keep in line.

I look up and laugh at you
are you sure you know the steps? 
And you look at me lovingly 
Saying " Don't you give up yet." 

You pull me close, then push away, 
Your feet move quick for me. 
You bend my back, we roll and sway, 
This dance feels like defeat. 

But you say to me, "Oh my love, 
you did better than before.
I know it feels like random chance, 
But its a dance to Heaven's door." 

Monday, November 12, 2012

On Set: Gadlynn Wayfare

So... this all started with that photo shoot from awhile back. Dave, the producer from that short film I worked on last summer, was directing the photo shoot and I was brought in as an assistant. I wasn't even supposed to dress up, but since all my friends were in garb, he thought why not! It started out simple, then a cape got added, and suddenly I was a character.

The whole reason this turned into a film was because I ran down a hill. After we had taken some photos, Dave suggested that he try out a running scene to test Miss Lilli's dad's (Scott) new camera.  After I ran down the hill a few times, Dave looked up and said, "This could be a movie!" And its getting there!!! I'm so happy to be a part of this! I get to be around cameras, play dress up, and be around (and even ride) horses. Could life be any sweeter than being on set??? Yep, I definitely want to work in film... Need to work on the acting though, I'm so used to directing...

By the way, my character's name is Gadlynn Wayfare (I named her, could you tell =P ) also known as Gaddie.

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