Saturday, May 25, 2013

Forely Braves - The Man Who Drank Time Part 1

Part 1 

On a fine morn, in which the air was filled
With the hollering and larking of birds,
There came a fair maid, whom never knowing
Much sorrow or ado in the absence
Of hearty living and heavy pain, strode
Down the path where she beheld a strange sight...
'Twas a man in fine, yet ungaudy clothes.
Her heart quickened as did her pace, and she
Knelt down beside the poor man, seeing a
Crust of red, fresh upon the man's temple.

"What mortal drainage is this?" Then cried she.
"Say it is not so! Not life blood which drips
From bonny temple!" Here she tried to wake
The man from what she thought to be profound
Sleep, but alas he would not rouse for close
To death he lay, and farther from the world,
He drifted. She breathed a prayer o'er him, and
Rose to run for aid, when, at last! He stirred...
"Sir, how fare you? Shall I seek help?" asked she.

He spoke. "Neigh, my lady. I pray don't be
troubled," He answered sapless and humdrum,
Acting as he had met no misfortune,
Though his body be weary, and brain frail.
He lay staring at the sky, and stirred not.
"I know all too well my name and my country, Madam. And your name,
Is Galina. Methinks you're befuddled.
Your lips part to speak, but words are stymied."

"Indeed, sir, you have mightily vexed me!
For it appears that you know who I am,
Yet you grow more of a stranger to me!
How should you know I am Galina?"

He sighed long, "'Tis easier to know such
Things than to tell them. But relieve your thoughts,
I am well enough. Soon we shall resume
our journey."

Galina searched his lofty aspect for sign
Of familiarity. Had they met?
She had acquainted many in her time,
Attending ubiquitous feasts, and yet
She felt certain that had she convened with
Him, her memory would educe their meeting.
His face was not one to neglect, with a
Handsome, pensive brow, and calm, azure eyes.

Galina ceased her musing to respond,
"Resume, our journey? You must pardon me.
I can't recall that our paths have yet crossed."

"Forgive me Madam, each time, I forget."
His countenance dimmed as though with great pain.
This look faded with such alacrity,
There was only just time to perceive it,
Yet perceive it, Lady Galina did. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What a Clean House Will Do For You

Dear Self,
I know you are often tired. I know sometimes you'd rather throw that old sweater in the closet instead of hanging it up where it belongs. I know that a kitchen lived in by six messy people looks like a daunting task at 10:45 when you've just gotten home from work. I understand that you'd rather wallow in the mess and give up, and just let everybody live in their own clutter for awhile to teach them a lesson... but guess what... it won't get you anywhere.

You set the tone for the house! Like it or not, this thing rests on you! Yes, it can be unfair. Yes, you have more responsibility than most. But God has given you this for a purpose. Look at it as a challenge, a business opportunity. Where do you want your household in the next year? Do you want to be living in the same garbage day in and day out, or do you want to foster a home of beauty and care where everything and everyone has a purpose and a place?

I know you might be feeling a little low, so here's my tip for you; Don't go to bed in a mess. Don't let yesterdays problems spill over into today. Keep things simple, keep things clean, and don't let backlog drag you down. You had time today to laugh with your family because you got yesterday dealt with yesterday. Go for the extra mile, give it a little more push! Soon, you'll find yourself living in the land that you want to, the land of happiness and freedom.

Friday, May 3, 2013

V3 = AMAZING Dancers!

Ok, so Katie and I are trying to put on a play. It started last Fall when I went to see the play that Katie was involved in at the school. The drama was extremely dark and twisted, but it raised a lot of questions that are very pertinent to young people... Why are we here? Why is there pain? Why should we bother being good? Is there a God? Unfortunately these questions went unanswered. I was sitting there in the isle, wanting to run on stage screaming "I have the answer! I know what you're seeking!" After watching it, I realized something... If the college allowed something that dark to be performed on stage, why not something on the other end of the spectrum? I began formulating an idea for a play, and it began to grow and grow and grow... Then Katie got on board and it grew even more... Now there's dancing and singing and other people are starting to get involved and I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS MIGHT HAPPEN! Its so God! Anyway, I've been needing some inspiration for choreography, so Katie showed me this Christian dance team, V3. They are amazing, and they dance to some of my favorite artists, like Lecrae and Dietrich Haddon!

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