Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of School and I Have the Day Off... Lets go do Something!

So, today was my youngest sister Loo's first day of high school. She didn't like it and will probably continuing homeschooling, but at least she gave it the old college (or high school?) try.

My sister Roo and I decided that since we both had the day off, we would go and do something fun. One thing that I hadn't anticipated growing up; having to make time for my siblings...

 I mean, I've always lived in the same house with them, so seeing them and hanging out was not something I had to schedule. But since my sister and I both work, we are too often like ships passing in the night... So, we went out to get chocolate (one of my favorite things to do)
and then we went to get coffee (something I would NEVER do if Roo weren't in my life). It was fun to hang out and talk... and take pictures of her really sweet sweater!

 Later on I went to training. I hit my sparring partner, Matt, twice... =( but I really improved from last week =D And now I can't fall asleep (maybe because I haven't tried yet...).

Love you all!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Quiet on the Set! Part 2

Alright, so last Wednesday was my first training practice. Well, my first training practice with our official choreographer. Now I can answer the question I've had for a very long time; Would I be afraid if someone put a sword in my hand and told me to take a swing at somebody? The answer is... YES!

Its going to take some practice. I really thought I had more guts to me than that... But nobody's perfect the first time, right?

It was a fun ride all the way out to our training grounds with Dave (assistant director) Tim and Lacey (director and directors wife) and Matt (pretty much main character and stunt man). The training ground is actually an indoor horse riding arena filled with weapons and archery stuff and fun things of that nature. I was rather intimidated, but thoroughly excited at the same time. Richard (our fight choreographer) is a professional martial arts instructor and has been training for the past 20 years... and now he's going to teach me how to beat people up... Or at least look like I know how to beat people up. I'm actually really happy about this because I've always wanted to know if I could defend myself, and I've always wished I could at least try my hand at combat and sword fighting.

Since the late sunny evenings are pretty much over, and we were way out in the country, getting out of the steep gravel driveway was difficult... and laughable. It took us three runs to get up the hill! On the way home, I couldn't help thanking God for this amazing opportunity and experience. Now I just have to practice... a lot!

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