Monday, June 23, 2014

Yes. No. Yes

Sometimes we blink and stare, thinking, "Did this all just happen to me? How did it all occur? How did I survive that?" And we are left to look at the sky in deep wonder, gratefulness and hope turning over in our chest, and a deeper trust in what remains unshakable growing like roots and vines and streams and rivers into the deepness of ourselves, which none can touch until we are broken. 

There are new beginnings.
I'm here to say to myself alone,
the air is clearer, and you can breath.
You are safe,
safe even from yourself.

Now is not the time to run.
Now is the time to thrive.
Cast of the pall of yesterday,
and don't be constrained
by the wants of tomorrow.

Let me be done forever
with your deeds and misfortunes
and rituals. I am not my own,
but within that, I have found me.
I am nothing and I am everything
at the same time.

For someone in deep space loves me;
Nothing else matters now...

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