Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where To Begin?

I only have a few minutes gals and guys, but I thought I'd tell you a few things.

- Moving out has been AMAZING, and far less scary than I ever thought. I mean, I knew I was ready, but my heart had been so prepared; I knew where I would be moving for almost a year, and so I felt quite at home when I finally got all my stuff in. I am moved out... Wow... More on that later.

- My mom and siblings (and dad) moved into a smaller place only seven minutes from me, and they live RIGHT off main street in our little town. LOVE!

- I have anxiety. I get scared over stupid things, and I think far too much about what people think of me. I have learned that I am delicate, I am sensitive, and denying that only makes it worse. I am not ok. But that's ok. I will get better. I will be healed. The biggest thing I have to do is to let go of everything. I feel like I'm learning to let go. I'm not going to ever have any more joy than what I have at the moment. I have to grow joy, I have to cultivate it by basking in God's love. It sounds so cliche, but how many times do I struggle because I don't simply do what He says to do, or because I fight Him over the little things?

- Its quiet. Quiet is good. Its good for the soul. LORD, quiet my heart and my mind. Let me be focused on you because you are all that I see.

- Let the waves wash over you, If you are busy trying to catch waves and put them in a place where they will never die, you will end up frustrated. Waves are passing things, not meant to be stored or kept. When Jesus comes, He will make all things solid, all things real, so just let life flow through your fingers, enjoy the good, know that the bad doesn't last forever, and keep in mind that there will come a time when all things are settled forever.

- Time stops for no man. Do whatever is important NOW. Time will never slow down for you, you must slow him down.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Misadventures of Rachel & Ashley

Some announcements need videos... This would be one of them...
I can't believe I'm saying this, but my sister and I are moving out. At the same time, my parents are moving into an apartment. The whole world is changing. It feels like season 8 of Little House on the Prairie... So exciting, so weird, so awesome, kinda scary. Watch out world, here we come! More details later ;)

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