Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Am Wrong

Small worlds inclined
Growing upwards in my ears
Calming all my quarrels,
Subsiding all my tears.
For I was torn in soul,
At the threads of who I am.
Once a tall machine,
Now growing to a man.

Once an iron-will so strong
Replaced with flesh and bone.
A thing so fearsome, deadly wrong
With want to stay alone.
Blood now flows through rusted veins
And spirals aching down.
To think that I believed... At last!
My silence breaking down.

Withered heart and weary soul
Disenchanted by the gown
Worn by the wayside pirates
Turning souls, taking flesh by pound.
I ached to say that I was wrong
To speak as mortals should.
Yet I couldn't trust the words to speak
For I trusted I was good.

Dingy walls and paling lights
All hung with my dismay/
A world so dark and dismal cold
Ruled by thoughts of my parade.
I boasted of my failing wires
I tripped and sighed and stood.
A day old machine, an infant to speak
Screaming silence so deep in the wood.

Oh the beasts of deep desires
A want to be understood.
A feeling of entitlement
Of disregard for all that is good.
The power of maliciousness
The call to leave myself.
The choice so cold in front of me
Knowing poverty is wealth.

All the days so dark and deep
Of dogmatism and styles
My tongue was false, my talk was cheap
And cheated with many wiles.
Even I deceived myself
Parading my own display
Oh what a beautiful thing
To unmask the mess I have made.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Do Not Follow

Do not follow your emotions,
Treacherous things they be,
Ready to sell you to despair and hate.

Do not follow your heart,
So full of evil and wickedness,
Do not wait for it to desire good.

Follow only Me,
For I AM the only way.
Follow my voice alone,
And you will find that it
Brings you Home.

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