Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chance Meeting By the Sea

If you want to meet interesting people, visit interesting places at interesting times. A few weeks ago, I had to chance to head down to the seaside at noon on a Tuesday. As I was walking around, enjoying the familiar drone of the ocean, I happened to literally cross paths with a middle-aged black man from South Africa.

We stood there silently watching the ocean for a minute or two when he finally broke the silence. "Its beautiful, isn't it?" He stated. I nodded. Of course it was beautiful. We exchanged pleasantries, and then began to talk about our lives a bit. He works at an airplane factory, and had recently injured his leg, making it difficult for him to return to work. A few months ago, I would have jumped all over the situation, asked if I could pray for him, laid hands on him for healing, and basically demanded that God give us a healing right then and there. But now, I just listened. Everybody has pain, some are physical, some emotional. That's life. Life without pain is heaven, and we're not there yet.

As I listened, I realized how much I love genuine human conversation. People who have really lived life are so interesting. I love their differing viewpoints, their different takes on life. Everyone lives our their life on this planet with a completely different lens. The ability to connect with others and see through their eyes is an amazing thing.

I was also reminded that no matter where we grow up, small town America, or big city South Africa, we are still human, and we still have shared experiences. I was a little surprised and rather sad to learn that the strange "spiritual awakening" of listening to false prophets and different doctrine is not something that is localized in America, but actually spreading throughout the world.

As our conversation drew to a close, this man asked me if I would like to have coffee or dinner sometime. I should have been flattered I suppose, but I think I find myself more bewildered or flustered now. I can't wait until heaven when I can speak to and hug anybody and everybody without the assumption that I am romantically inclined. I thanked him, but said that I was more interested in getting my life together at the moment, and going on adventures.

The taste of my last relationship is still sitting in my mouth, and I feel like I can do without for awhile, not because of bitterness, but because I really get more enjoyment out of other things besides sitting around, holding hands with someone and telling each other how awesome we are... Still, its nice to be asked in a connective sort of way. I like the fact that I am approachable, and not rude and mean like I used to be to guys (sorry, world!)

All in all, it was a strange, interesting, and enlightening conversation. Take time for those ones, they come more often when you look for them.

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