Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Top 10 Favorites This Month

Hello Everyone :)

I thought I'd take a few moments before I hit the hay tonight to share some of my top ten favorite things from this month.

1) Red Velvet Cake Birthday Cake. Yes, it was my birthday this month (on the 15th to be exact). I am now a whopping 23. For some reason, I was ready to be 24 this year. After many failed experiments with red velvet cake last year, I finally succeeded in making a red velvet cake that looks as good as it tastes! I'll be posting that recipe on Earthy Kitchen soon, so stay tuned!

2) Vintage movies. Can't get enough of 'em. My mom has been down for the count, so we just bundle up and watch movies on the weekends together. Been enjoying lots of Dick Tracy detective stories, and found a new Cary Grant movie called The Great Adventure. Super cute! And thought its not exactly "vintage," I've been enjoying the late 90's/early 2000's show "Early Edition." Gotta love Kyle Chandler.

3) Work. Yes! I actually enjoy my work! Working with children is so very rewarding, and I've been blessed enough to get to see "my kids" as I call them on a regular basis, both in the dance classroom and the daycare where I work. I've also been brought on to the catering company I work for on a weekly basis at my favorite venue on Wednesdays. I was ready to do just about anything, even giving up all my fun work and going to another steady desk job, and I just asked God to send me work, and I've been getting hired left and right. God knows what to give to the willing!

4) Beauty Treatments. I am totally digging my makeup regime. Its easy, about 20 min, and it lasts the whole day! I've also been much better about keeping up my skin by eating right and cleansing properly. I feel and look much better!

5) Style. Pinterest has changed my whole world, and my whole wardrobe. Really loving the Boho/Hippie style right now, along with the basic dancer look. Fashion is an extension of one's personality, and I like what is coming out of my heart and my closet right now.

6) Being a role model. When I see little eyes looking up at me, full of love and wonder, I am amazed and honored. Children are what life is all about. As an adult, you have the opportunity to make little people who are completely dependent on you feel safe, loved, and provide them with magical moments. Don't miss a single opportunity to make an impact!

7) Staying in the moment. When I speak to people, I really try to stay in the moment with them. This has become easier the more that I've practiced the skill. I want to make whoever I am speaking with feel valued, respected, and heard, no matter who they are, or how long I've known them. I want to do my best work right now. I want to be fully present in my heart, mind, and body. This is the moment, embrace it.

8) Being consistent. There is this phrase that is scribbled in a Switchfoot photo in the album "Hello Hurricaine." It goes "You was it once, could you be it again?" That phrase echoes my artistic and ethic sentiment. I always wonder, "If I make it once, can I keep going? Can I be the same, on the spot person all the time?" The truth is, I can't be perfect, but I can consistently try, consistently improve, and consistently refuse to give up on myself.

9) Silly Conversations. I love silly conversations, especially with my siblings! We laugh, we swap inside jokes, and we always have something to share in a way that makes the other person giggle.

10) Getting inspired. Pinterest, fellow bloggers, walks in the park, good music, and Michael Jackson... lots of Michael Jackson ;)

So, those are my top ten at the moment. What about you?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sometimes - A Poem of Grief

There is nothing to do
But cry

I stop and I just wonder

I sit wide awake
and I weep

All I can think to do
Is sleep

I scream so soft
No one hears me

Silence rings too loud
Too clearly

I think of you, just you
and smile

The pain is worth it
For awhile

I wish we could all
Be alone

I ache for the place we
Called home

Just sometimes...

            But then there are times...


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Simple and Free by B.B. Hatt

Simple things are often taken for granted, like the fact that we will lose the beauty of Pen and paper, the elemental and the wild. They say its all for progress, but I know their game, I know what they're after. They're after my humanity, and I will not surrender.

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