Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Morning Sparkle...

I am sick from camps (and junk food), but I still have some things to do today, so I could use a little extra sparkle ;) 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

For My Mamma - The Strongest Woman I Know

After 15 years, the doctors have finally figured out what is wrong with my mom. She has an extremely rare bacteria called pseudomonas, an extremely hard to diagnose bacteria that wreaks havoc on those with compromised immune systems. Here is an article for more info. 

Because my mother suffers from auto-immune diseases (lupus, celiac) her immune system was compromised from the day she was born. Auto-immune disease is hereditary, which is why I have to be a health freak (otherwise, it would be pass the Reese's peanut butter cups and cookie dough ice cream, buddy!). Little was known about auto-immune disease during my mom's childhood, so many of her symptoms went diagnosed, leading to food-driven illnesses caused by allergies, further weakening her body. By the time this strain of bacteria reached her, she was too weak to fight it off.

For a clearer picture on just how bad this illness is, let me put it into perspective:

-This illness typically effects the extremely ill (in hospitals/hospice care), or the elderly.
- People effected by this bacteria usually only live to 50, and that is if they are lucky. My mom is already at 50, so prayers she lasts to see at least one of her kids married off with grand-babies!
- The bacteria is strong that most people die very quickly after its onset. Because my mamma is a fighter (rugby player, boxed with her brothers, wanted to play football when she was a little girl... total tomboy) she literally would just NOT DIE. She did crazy amounts of research, and bought tons of supplements to help heal her body as naturally as possible, plus completely changed her diet to an anti-inflammatory one that helps keep the body alkaline. The doctors couldn't pin-point the bacteria because they literally thought she would be dead by now if that was what she had.

Finally getting this diagnosis was such a God-send... For years, I've been dealing in these murky medical ideas, not knowing what my mom had. Its such a relief to be able to say, "My mom has this," and just say it out-loud, and not feel like I'm going crazy.

This is for my Mamma, who really hates to be recognized in this manner. One day, I hope to write her memoirs because I find them deeply inspiring, and I hope to raise awareness about the complications that follow auto-immune disease in order to help those who, like my mother, suffered in silence for many years.

I love you Mamma, you're amazing :')

Just Because

Just because she can keep her chin up
Doesn't mean her neck isn't broken

Just because she can smile through pain
Doesn't mean it should never be spoken

Just because she is stronger than most
Doesn't mean she doesn't need help

Just because people abandon her need
Doesn't mean she's alright by herself

Just because she is quiet
Doesn't mean she has nothing to say

Just because she goes on
Doesn't mean she's perfectly ok

Ah Ha! I've Been Instagrammed! (Finally)

I'm house sitting for some people that I house/dog sat at last winter. I really like the place, its very cute, and its nice to have some space to myself for a change! Not that I mind sharing a twin bed with my sister the bed hog... not at all ;)

I'll be staying here for the next few days, so I can catch up on a little blogging in-between classes and planning for rehearsal/ school year stuff. Very excited for the run down this year... I've got:

- Dance classes at the Mill Creek, Mukilteo, and Marysville YMCA branches
- Personal Dance Training (my favorite!!) for ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and now swing :)
- Lose to Win (Weight loss, healthy lifestyle coaching) @ Mill Creek Y
- Choreography for Jackson High School- Production: The Hot Mikado
- Birthday Party/Family events @ Mill Creek Y
- Still doing some article writing, I plan to up my game after the craziness of the fall show ;)
- Catering just on Wednesdays still. The people there have actually asked me to speak on health and wellness and do a couple dance classes for them for their health club because I'm always telling them how to eat in the morning and talking about dance... I can't help it, dance is everything!

I'll try to be better about pictures this year. Maybe I'm a bit of a snob, but I really like taking GOOD pictures, not little cheap ones... But since I finally have an ipod now (I know, don't laugh, I'm eons behind in the tech world... you should have seen my Zune that just recently died...) I can take decent pictures without lugging out the really big, and rather cumbersome, camera. For a long time, I took pictures of everything, then nothing good happened for a long time, so I stopped taking pictures altogether. Looking back, I realize I wish I had taken more pictures of just the everyday moments, even if they were bad, because all of life should be documented, not just the good parts.

Cheers! Sorry for the looong post m'dears, have a beautiful Tuesday :)

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