Monday, September 5, 2016


What is my reason for being this way?
What is it inside me that cannot behave?
I am hungry like a lion, dying to be full
But appeasing the craving never fills up the hole

I reach for another
I reach for more
As I have reached out
So many times before
My body is ever an open door

But I only regret the things I have done
I shudder to see myself in the sun
I want to run away from everyone
Feeling there are no more good things to come

I sit in the silence avoiding my head
Running away from things I have said
Avoiding the sleepless turning in bed
Evading the sadness of life and death

Perhaps one of the reasons I must stay full
Is that my senses can then become numb and dull
I cannot feel sorrow, I cannot feel pain
I cannot feel broken, I cannot feel shame
I cannot feel want or fear or neglect
I can only feel full, and feel out of breath

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