Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Typical Week a la 2016

Dear World,

My goodness! So much has been happening the past few months I have scarcely had time to sort out my own thoughts, let alone blog it all! However, I really want to take a few minutes to break down a week so that I can remember this time in my life. Things have been so crazy but wonderful this year!

Mondays - @ 9:30 I teach the Parent Toddler Workout at my home YMCA. I savor these mornings because I get to hang with moms and kids that I have grown to know and love over a couple of years now. I endured my terrible panic attack year with this class, and they were the thread that still connected me to the Y when I was working at the (ahem) god-awful studio... @ 10:35, I have been attending barre class! Maria kicks my butt... my gosh... my legs always feel like jelly after that class. I used to help out at the Heatherwood Preschool during this time, but I am letting that commitment go since I have... afternoon classes @ Mukilteo! I teach Creative Movement, Jazz 1, Ballet 1, and Hip Hop 1&2. All these classes have been going FABULOUSLY!! Mondays are the bomb :)

Tuesdays - Marysville... All day... sort of... I am a little erked about Tuesdays since they kinda feel like a waste of time. I have a Creative Movement class @9:45 with only a couple students. which totally changes the chemistry of that class in a negative way... The kids in that class are a little catty-bratty... Then I have Ballet/Tap @11:15. I LOVE these classes, just a couple special needs babies that make it a little challenging, but hey, that's part of the fun! Then I go home for a couple hours, and then head back to Marysville for another Ballet/Tap class @ 4:15. Then I teach a Jazz 1 and a Hip Hop 1 class. Both of those are going pretty well... I have a limited student in Jazz, which requires some patience, but I love it when she feels good about something she accomplished!

Wednesdays - @5:30 I depart for Seattle to cater a breakfast downtown at an online gambling casino office. Strange right? Its so amazing though because I've met Michael, a guy whose become like a god-uncle to me. He has cerebral-palsy that affects only his body, and we are working to put together a dance motion protocol for him to help regain some movement. We share a lot of food sensitivities and health limitations, so we are best buds! Then there's a homo-sexual with whom I am getting to slowly share Jesus' love and light, several health-seekers, a massage therapist, a woman who is on a weight loss journey, and so many more! I love them all! I feel like I've slowly been spreading the gospel of health, and I feel like over the years I'll be able to share the gospel of Jesus as well.

Thursdays - @ 9:30 I go to the Heatherwood Preschool to teach PE classes to my littles. Oh my gosh, I love those little stinkers!! I am usually soooo tired after these classes, but they are very worth it :)
In the evenings @6:30, I teach as a weight loss coach in the Lose to Win program @ my home YMCA. This has been such a rewarding and eye-opening experience. It definitely prods me to self-evaluate and eat more healthy! I love the people in my group, and I love how they support each other.

Fridays - Sometimes I sub in the mornings @ the Preschool. For the past couple months Wed-Fri afternoons have been spent @ Jackson High with the drama department. Oh my children! How I love each and every one of them! I have been SOOO blessed to have two siblings and a bunch of previously known students in the show we've put together... Plus it was a Japanese (one of my FAVORITE CULTURES) Jazz/Swing show! Did God write it for me or something? It has been so amazing to pour into these kids lives, teach them to entertain, and then be entertained by my own students as they put on a FABULOUS show... WOW!

Saturdays - @9:00 I start teaching the Baby Ballet @ my home branch YMCA, then Ballet 1, and Ballet 2. We will be adding 2 hip hop classes in Jan :D soooo excited!! After classes I will now be helping Michael from the casino with a dance motion protocol. Then, (if I have energy left) I go to a home group Bible study at the home of my long-time friend Felicia.

Sundays - I TRY TO DO NOTHING! But... sometimes I put on birthday parties @ my home branch YMCA or teach a swing class or two... I just can't stay away from work ;P

So, yeah, that's my life right now. Very busy, yet very fulfilling. I am trying to squeeze in food prep, more workouts, competitive dance, and writing in their somehow... it'll happen... yes it will.

Much love to all, hope everyone is doing well!

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