Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Musings

Well my dears, its been almost a month already in the year 2017.

There are so many things happening day to day, literally I feel like I wake up on Monday, turn around, and its Monday again! However, I'm very grateful to be busy with work I love and enjoy, and I'm looking forward to turning some dreams into realities this year.

Just wanted to note a few things from January 2017:

1) We have a new president. I stand for viewpoint diversity, which means the freedom to express one's opinion in an open forum where the exchange of ideas can occur, along with hearty, but respectful debate. Therefore, I will be uninhibited and say that not only am I happy, but excited for the freedom of liberty and choice that has been re-established with this change of power.

I know some of you are scared, but please, before you whole-heartedly embrace the narratives spewed at you from the media, give the new president a chance. In four years, if you don't see improvement in the government, by all means, work hard to elect someone you can believe in. Just remember, lies and rumors spread quickly, and tarnish someone even after they are proved untrue.

Think back to a time when someone spread a rumor about you... Didn't you want to be given the chance to prove yourself? Please don't shoot me down in your mind. I love  and respect you, even if you disagree with me. That is the beauty of a free society!

2) The last series of Sherlock has aired. I had a total fan-girl moment at the last episode... It was just so nice to see Benedict play a warmer character... He's one of those people who I would just love to hug! Sherlock has been such a fun show to be a part of as a fandom. While there were some episodes I really didn't like, the overall experience was wonderful, and I felt special being with it from its infancy to its finale. Lots of love to those who were also Sherlocked, and to the fabulous people who worked hard to make the modern world of Sherlock a reality. Overall, a fantastic job!

3) Dance classes are in full swing! I LOVE my students SO MUCH!! I have two big hip hop classes, and soon we will be adding the older kids, CAN'T WAIT!

4) Pogo has been my latest music obsession. I'm not quite sure what to make out of the artist; I will have to do a little further research, but he seems to be a more free-thinking person, which may be the reason I really appreciate his music. While it is electronic music, it feels deeply artful, almost subconsciously, perhaps due to the fact that he creates songs from movies that are familiar to the 90's kid in me. They are almost dream-like, and fabulous to dance to! Thanks Pogo!

5) Been working out. Almost everyday. Sweating. Like a boss...

6) Last, but not least, my family and I are moving. Yes, moving. It all happened so fast, but we will be getting out of our three bedroom apartment in which my two sisters, my mother and I have been sharing a room, and into a five bedroom house in which I will have my own room. I can't wait for the creativity and time this will bring into my life! I will update you on all our little adventures as they occur!

Hope you are all having a great start to your year!! DO NOT GIVE UP ON THOSE GOALS! This is the year, and today is the day :)

- ashley

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 - #Goals

This year, I want to... 

1) Lose 20 pounds
2) Make bare minimum $2,500 a month 
3) Start school again 
4) Compete at one dance comp. 
5) Finish writing a book 
6) Create a full dance curriculum
7) Start up official photography business 
8) Eat healthier on a daily basis 
9) Run thru the Bible multiple times 
10)  Heal my injured disks

Those are some BIG goals... but they are well worth pursuing. I am VERY excited about this year... I just am nervous that I will stand in my own way... But I am more determined, and have more skills than ever to overcome obstacles and reach these goals. 2017, here I come!!

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